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Sustainability is the driving force behind each decision made at Create Salon. 
Our sustainability efforts have been noticed by BBC Wales which you can watch here - 



Here at Create, we are a certified sustainable salon. We believe in using the best ethically sourced materials and products that Cardiff has to offer. We are  passionate about sustainability, It's the little things that add up, and by making ethical changes in several areas, Create Salon aims to be the most sustainable salon in Wales.

We are part of salon sustainability which means that 95% of all our salon waste is recycled. 100% of salon sustainability profits go-to the hair and beauty industry charity. 

We are able to recycle, aluminium foils, colour tubes, hair, plastic, paper and chemical waste.  This means all your hair needs can be carried out guilt-free.


Here are a few other ways in which we are actively making sustainable swaps and the initiatives they are currently part of, with more to come in the future.

  • All hair cuttings are saved and sent to salon sustainbility. The collected hair is then turned in to "Hair matts" which are used to clean up oil spills in lakes, oceans and rivers. 

  • Any chemical hair products left over from colour services are also collected and sent away to extract all water from it which is purified and added back to our water systems and the left over colour 'sludge' is turned in to renewable energy. 


  • As we're lucky enough to have our own garden space at Create Salon, that come Summer transforms into a bee-friendly paradise. . Air-purifying plants also populate the inside of the salon, so it's not just the bees who get to benefit.

  • We want to encourage our customers to turn their own gardens into bee-friendly spaces as well, so our gift cards, which are available to be purchased in the salon, are all made of flower seed paper. Once you've redeemed your gift card we'll return it to you at the end of your appointment so you can plant them at home. Consider it a gift after your gift! 

  • We have supported many local charities through fundraising and donating profits from product sales. These charities include - 

     The Size of Wales 

     Cardiff Woman's Aid 

     Created care packages for a local charity to support struggling             families in Cardiff. 

     We hope to support many more charity's and projects in the               future. 

  • For 2 months of each year November and December, we will plant a tree for every client that visits us at the salon through the Size of Wales as our Christmas gift to clients. 

  • When we were getting the salon ready to open, we made sure to use only sustainable materials and hired local help to carry out the work. All of the scaffolding boards in the Salon are reclaimed wood and we even made our own desk from scrap wood. 

  • Energy efficient bulbs are used throughout the salon to reduce our energy consumption. 

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